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this is a FREE service, allowing an access to each device over Internet,
even if it doesn't have a global IP Address and there's no possibility to redirect incoming connections on your ISP's side.
Our service is a reliable solution for establishing an incoming connection for:
    • smart house;
    • VPN-connections;
    • servers for various purposes (webserver, gameserver etc.);
    • IP-GSM telephony gateway;
    • management of various network devices in the local network;
    • access to CCTV cameras;
    • remote desktop (RDP);
    • many others...
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We are a solution for a main
problem of accessibility
We overcome the barriers put by your Internet provider,

on the way from the outside to your device.
These barriers are formed by providers due to the unification of their clients into the subnets with only one external IP, in order to save money.
Customers do not have the ability to manage incoming requests at the provider's gateway, which only has an external IP address assigned, and any external access to the device from the outside of the intranet subnet becomes impossible: such a ISP gateway only works with requests from the inside, all requests from the outside are blocked.
Now you have our, which solves this problem
How does it work
  • 1 Your device establishes an uninterrupted outbound connection (tunnel) to our server using the widespread technology OpenVPN.
  • 2 On our server, the requests on the external port (e.g. 27916) are automatically forwarded to the IP address of your device in the's VPN-tunnel network.
  • 3 Your device becomes available at a global short address: You define yourself the internal port number (the incoming port through the tunnel to your device from our server). This is the port that is listening on your device by the application you need to access to (e.g. HTTP: 80, SIP: 5060, SSH: 22, Telnet: 23 and each other).
For this price you'll get a port with a random number at a speed of 1 Kb/s.
This is sufficient for minimal device control or use for emergency access. Be patient: due to the speed limit in the free version of the service, communication with the device is rather slow.

Port quantity and speed upgrade are not possible.
For this price you'll get 1 forwarded port on the guaranteed base speed of a particular server.
This speed is enough not only to manage devices and download configuration files, but also to make phone conversations with high quality and so on.
The speed depends on the country of location of the selected server. For example, for Germany it is 200 Kb/s in one direction, in both directions 200 + 200 Kb/s.

Port quantity and speed upgrade are possible.
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